Thursday, August 14, 2008

Facebook overtakes Myspace

Facebook has overtaken Myspace to be the No.1 social networking site in terms of number of visitors. Facebook had 132 million unique visitors in the month of June compared to Myspace's 117.5 million.

Facebook was also the fastest growing social networking site with 153% growth compared to just 3% for myspace in the last year. Other sites such as Hi5, Friendster and Orkut had 100%, 50% and 41% growth respectively.

"Facebook has done an exceptional job of leveraging its brand internationally during the past year," ComScore executive Jack Flanagan said in a statement from the company. "By increasing the site's relevance to local markets through local language interface translation, the site is now competing strongly or even capturing the lead in several markets where it had a relatively minor presence just a year ago."


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