Saturday, August 2, 2008

Use Internet Explorer inside Firefox with IE Tab

One of my favorite Firefox extension - IE Tab allows opening Internet Explorer (IE) only sites without the need for running IE separately. The addon uses the IE engine and displays sites right within firefox.

Using the addon is simple, the status bar contains an icon which displays the firefox icon, clicking it changes it to IE's icon and the current site in the tab reloads using IE's engine and everything works as it would work in IE but the other firefox functions and addons cannot be used at the same time. A link can also be opened in IE's engine by right-cliking and selecting "View Page in IE Tab"

There are also options which allows customization of context menu, creating filters to open sites in IE engine automatically.

IE Tab can be downloaded from Mozilla's site here. The addon is compatible with the latest Firefox version 3


Vadi said...

Hey tats s great info dude.... Thanks man!! But IE s usually slower in loading than firefox... Wat abt this tab-is it equaling the firefox performance??

And, reg the comment in my blob- yes, dude... Was short til my 10th..started growin 4m 11th onwards...n Jai s going to the gym, so he was able o gain some weight... :)

|\/|@nx said...

Yeah IE is slower than Firefox, the IE Tab addon is not going to increase the performance of IE since it just loads IE inside firefox.
It just saves you the time of opening IE when you need to visit IE only sites.

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