Sunday, August 10, 2008

Firefox Adblock and Imeem flash player problem

The Imeem player does not load in Firefox when used with Adblock plugin. The Imeem player is a flash player and requires the Adobe Flash player plugin to be installed to be able to run.

After trying several fixes, installing and reinstalling the Adobe Flash player, I found that there is some issue with Adblock and Flash player. With Adblock enabled many flash sites fail to load, seems to be some bug with Adblock addon.

Right now the only solution I can find is to disable the Adblock addon.


Anonymous said...

I've been facing this problem as yours.
Still looking for a way to make Imeem work with the adblock addon enabled.
Any other way or ideas?

Matthew B. said...

Yeah Imeem is quite fine! It's part of the websites which contributed to the revolution in the musical world. However, my favourite one in that context is which brought real free and legal music-on-demand! It's quite great, and it has quite a huge catalogue right now! Check it out.

ajballa said...

@@| - Fixes Problem

Go to Tools> Add Ons. Adblock Plus> Options> Filters> Add Filter and enter this:


i was experimenting and this worked I can now use imeem and adblock plus..

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