Sunday, August 10, 2008

Measure your net speed online

The internet speed is not always same and changes very often throughout the day. Often times we would like to measure our internet speed and see how fast it is. is a nice site made in flash which allows internet users to measure their download and upload speed from their computer to anywhere in the world.

Since different parts of the world have varying network speed at a given time we need to measure our speed to a particular location. Select the city to which you would like to measure your speed. The tool then starts by measuring the latency (round-trip time) and then continues to measure the download and upload speeds.

After the tests complete, results are displayed as shown below with links that can also be shared with others.

I currently use 1 Mbps broadband connection and my speed of 831 kbps measured to Singapore seems good as I am getting 83% of my download bandwidth. And about 80% of upload bandwidth.


Vadi said...

Thanks for the link manu!! Just now tested... satisfied that i am getting the correct speed which i didn't get before.... :)

|\/|@nx said...

You are welcome vadi. There are many sites for measuring bandwidth speed, but I found this to be the best since it has a nice flash design.

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