Monday, September 29, 2008

Orbit Grab Pro cripples IE

Orbit is a famous download manager which I have been using for a few months now. One of the best features of this is it allows us to download videos and music from youtube, imeem and other similar sites. A great time saver for we don't have to wait for that Rihanna's song to load everytime we long to hear.

Orbit has an internal tool called Grab++ which detects different media and allows to grab them for download. But recently I tried to download from Imeem using every browser I had got but it did not work, so I decided to try another new tool from Orbit called Grab Pro. This tool is also a part of Orbit but attaches itself to IE like a plugin/toolbar.

Enabling this caused my Internet Explorer 7 to stop displaying websites. I cannot visit any site with this plugin enabled, the only way out is to disable this plugin. Orbit says its Grab Pro breaks imeem's anti-leeching technology, but so far I had no luck with it.

Meanwhile, I'm still searching other ways to grab music from Imeem. Anyone out there have a good way to do this?


Gabriel Moraes said...

I installed the version 2.7.8, i had no problem with the IE7.
But in the other hand, on FireFox3, no grabPRO bar...
I'm a new user of Orbit, and i'm liking it.
C yu

|\/|@nx said...

I haven't tried in Firefox 3, but does grabPRO support firefox?

S!ick said...

After installing Grab++, I've had similar problems with instability in IE; after removing Grab++, IE doesn't seem to crash or hang.

It worked great for downloading many, many files I needed from a website...I hope they make it work with Firefox.

Anonymous said...

This is true. The GrabPro from version 2.7.9 makes IE not work.

I'll try 2.7.8

Anonymous said...

I had problems with Opera hanging right after installing grabPRO, even updated Opera but it's still hanging

Orbit Downloader said...

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Thanks, and appreciate your early reply.

Manx said...

@Orbit_Downloader Would be glad to help out in improving Orbit Downloader. Will get back to your mentioned email soon.

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