Friday, October 3, 2008

Orkut Apps hangs/freezes my Firefox

I have recently found my latest Firefox 3.0.3 to hang whenever I visit someone's orkut profile with applications or widgets on their page.

The CPU goes up to 100% and the browser just freezes, the only way out is to kill the firefox.exe process in the task manager. It can either be a bug in firefox or a conflict with some firefox addon, with tons of addons in my browser it will be difficult to find out which if any is causing this problem.

Meanwhile I cannot see some Orkut profiles, anyone out there having the same problems? Im trying out with some other browser, maybe Google Chrome should work fine.


Protim said...

I am also having asimilar problem.
Does ne1 have ant solution??

|\/|@nx said...

So far no luck, I found that it happens with only a few profiles, not all.

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