Friday, April 24, 2009

Migrating to new Template - Minyx 2.0 Lite

After many months I am changing my template to a new blogger version template of Minyx 2.0 Lite, the reason for this change is primarily due to the break up of images which occured on the WPPremiumBlack template. I could have fixed this by hosting the images myself but that was not what I did due to the reason being that I was looking for a better template since a couple of months. A screenshot of my old WPPremiumBlack template below in its default look:

The new Minyx template has a simple white look, neat 3-column arrangement and with good use of colors. And above all it has high compatibility with blogger, without any errors or break of html/widgets encountered so far. The code for the template is neatly written making editing easy which was a real "hard-chore" in my last templete. A screenshot of the new template on my blog:

Now I still need to modify certain aspects of the template like the colors, size and placement of widgets. Any suggestions or comments are always welcome. And also thanks to the maker of this template which has included their link at the absolute bottom of the template.


Jin said...

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