Saturday, June 6, 2009

Start Tweeting in the Twitter Sphere

Twitter is currently the fastest growing social media sites out there. You may not have heard of it, but I don't think so! Almost all would have heard of it and many have even joined, but the question is do you use it? There are many inactive users with only a single tweet (message). If you are new to the twitter world this post might help you to get started.

This FAQ will help to get you started with Twitter:

What is a tweet?
A 140 characters or less message to tell the world what you are doing? or whatever you like!

Who can see my tweet?
People who follow you will see it in their "stream". While everyone can see it in your homepage you can protect your profile to allow only your followers to see.

Who can follow me?
Anyone can follow you unless you have protected your profile in this case you will have to allow people who want to follow you.

How can I send a message to a user?
Use the "@username" notation followed by the message to reply to not just your followers but anyone.

How can I send a personal message to a user?
Use the "d username" notation followed by the message to send a direct message to a user

Can I repeat someone else's tweet?
Yes, use the "RT @username" notation followed by the message to repeat or requote someone else's tweet

How can I discuss about a specific topic?
Just add the "#TopicName" notation to your message to let others know you are tweeting about a specific topic

What else I need to know?
There is a lot more in the twitter world, the best way to learn is to start using it. You can follow me here

Happy Tweeting!


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